Technical Accounting Advisory

With ever evolving regulatory and business environment, number of complex business transactions, which require specialized skills beyond routine accounting, have increased thereby leading to clients facing challenges in financial reporting. Our experienced professionals becomes an extended arm of the clients and help them navigate through complexities in financial reporting, risk management, and other transaction-related accounting challenges that are necessary for the path ahead. Our services include:

GAAP conversion


  • Performing impact assessment and preparation of diagnostic report highlighting differences between existing GAAP and Ind AS, IFRS or USGAAP.
  • Transitioning to new standards including assistance in computation and concluding on technical accounting positions.
  • Assistance in accounting evaluations of complex contracts (revenue, leases, business combinations, derivatives, share based compensation, financial instruments, impairment assessments, segment determination, etc.)
  • Reconciliation from existing GAAP to Ind AS, IFRS or USGAAP.
  • Preparation of GAAP compliant financial statements, standalone and consolidated, including accounting policies.
  • Conducting trainings and on-call advisory during the tenure of engagement.

Accounting Support

Assistance in accounting evaluations/ disclosures in relation to:

  • Implementation of new standards

  • Revenue

  • Leases

  • Business combinations

  • Debt and equity classification

  • Derivatives

  • Share based compensation

  • Impairment assessment

  • Segment reporting

  • Tax accounting

  • Preparation/ Review of 10K / 10Q and other SEC filing documents

Why engage with us

We are committed to provide highest service levels, access to our top tier professionals and a cohesive, efficient team, that is dedicated to understanding your needs and establish a relationship built on trust and outstanding service. We aim at applying intelligence by providing realistic solutions to complex issues using analytical skills, functional expertise and intensive training.

Utmost expertise and excellence of the services we offer is ingrained in our corporate DNA, and stems from the years of experience we gained while working with Big 4 firms in India. Led by our team of partners, we possess a wealth of expertise and knowledge in providing variety of services, including, IFRS / US GAAP/ ICFR (SOX) to multi-national clients both in India and overseas.

We prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality results in a cost-efficient, timely manner. Our team is committed to flexibility and can accommodate critical or last-minute requests, ensuring that we meet even the most stringent timelines. We pride ourselves on being pro-active problem solvers and are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to meet our client's needs.

We believe in knowledge sharing – we conduct trainings and workshops at appropriate junctures to keep our clients abreast of all changes in today’s dynamic world. Whether it's a new technology, a regulatory shift, or a market trend, we provide timely and relevant information to help our clients make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

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